MILESTONES - Neue Ausstellung im MOMEM



The exhibition „MILESTONES – Favorite Club Tracks 1985–2020“ transfers the energy, power and creativity of music into a museum that has been transformed into a club. Your visit guides you through a musical journey back in time to selected house, trance and techno highlights: Keeping still might not be so easy here. MOMEM shows and „plays“ a selection of the most important titles in the field of electronic music since 1985. The collection is based on personal charts by international DJs and techno and house publications. The result is an anthology of music with trend-setting works from labels such as WARP, Underground Resistance, R&S or TRAX… just to name a few.

Photographers from around the world emphasize the vibe of the exhibition through their lense. Their work depicts people dancing from the early days of the rave, house and techno movement. The photos are shown on oversized screens and reflect the subject areas of hedonism, passion, energy and the nightlife spirit.

In cooperation with the SMEM (Swiss Museum and Center for Electronic Music) a small selection of "Milestones" music production devices will also be on display. Discover sought-after drum machines, synthesizers and samplers that influenced the emergence and development of electronic music. The exhibition aims to make the uniqueness of electronic music tangible for all types of events. In addition to the installation, there will be a supporting program with panels, workshops and film screenings again.


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